Madison Bentley

Designer, Developer, Cyclist

& Cappuccino Enthusiast.

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Art Website


A homepage web app complete with features including a todo list and daily weather and the ability to save your dashboard.

Built With: MongoDB, Express, React, Node. Hosted on Heroku

Art Website

Art Portfolio

A website showcasing my paintings, drawings and photography.

This portfolio website was built with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. The website is fully responsive and uses the Google Maps API and parallax scrolling to be interactive.

Emojiquest Game


You find yourself in an unknown world, with no memory of how you got there. As you navigate this world, you interact with emoji items and NPCs to try and figure out how you got here, and how you can escape.

Stack: HTML, Javascript, jQuery and CSS.

Snake: The Classic Arcade Game


In this classic arcade game, the snake, directed by arrow keys, moves around eating white squares to increase his length. When the snake goes offscreen or hits its own tail, the game ends.

This version is built in HTML, Javascript, jQuery and CSS. It displays a user's score for that round, and high score for the session.



Web Development

  • MERN Stack - MongoDB, Express.js, React/Redux, Node.js
  • Frameworks & Libraries: Bootstrap, SASS, Semantic.ui, jQuery
  • Testing: Jest, Cypress


  • Project Management:, Asana
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Ads: Retargeted Advertising, Social Media ads, Google Ads Certified.
  • Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator


McGill University

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Art History

2010 - 2014

FCC Bootcamp

Certificates: Response Web Design, Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures, Front End Libraries

Other Coursework

Udemy - Modern React with Redux

Marketing Campaigns

Oyster Movember

Poissonnerie Shamrock

Montreal, Quebec


A selection of flyers and posters designed for a number of upscale fish stores in Montreal's largest outdoor market: Marché Jean-Talon. The print material was designed to promote social media interaction and to help maintain individual brand identities. Highlights include the Movember Oyster Campaign and promotional materials for a new product: lobster rolls.

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Stars of the Week
Lobster Roll menus
Daily chip selection
iPhone 4 and 5 cases
Surplus Candy

Surplus Clothing

Montreal, Quebec


Email blasts, web design, flyers and print material for an e-commerce apparel company in Montreal. The work I contributed to this company includes a real diversity of content and media, ranging from posters for sample sales to the graphics for bi-weekly email blasts.

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Black Friday Advertisement
Boding Day newsletter
Free Shipping Event
Flash Sale gif


Hey there,

I'm a self-taught multidisciplinary digital creative. Over the years I've taught myself web design, front-end development and graphic design.